Church Compassion For School Children

Prices Chapel is starting a new program in conjunction with D.H.S. and Brushy School called Church Compassion For School Children. The way this is going to work is there will be a drop box set up at Prices Chapel Church on the corner of Hwy US 59 N and hwy 101junction North of Sallisaw and one at Iva Hines consignment shop On the corner of Wheeler and Cherokee in Sallisaw. We will take donations of snack foods from the below menu and church volunteers will gather theese up every other week, seperate them and make snack bags to be taken to the school. School officials will then distribute theese bags for the weekend to children that they fill need them over the weekend. D.H.S will do this same thing on the other weeks, so that  between D.H.S and the church these children will have a snackpack to substain them over the weekend every single week. There are many children in our very community that do not recieve three meals a day and some of these children are only fed at school.  This is a great way for Christians to step out and help these children. If you would like to donate you can make arrangements to drop off at one of the drop locations simply my contacting us at one of the contacts at the bottom of the page after the menu.


  1. Cheese/peanut butter crackers ect.
  2. Granola bars ect.
  3. Canned weenies.
  4. Small individual canned fruits
  5. Ramon noodles
  6. Individual Puddings
  7. Pop Tarts
  8. Fruit roll ups
  9. Any individually wrapped snack products of the above type, but please no sweets snack cakes ect.

You can text call or email to set up a drop

Cyndi lindsy: 918-381-0669

Ken Lindsy: 918-693-2735 kenlindsy@priceschapelbaptist.org


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